How long does it take to assemble a structure?

There are many steps to creating a completed structure in order for it to look realistic. Depending on the complexity of the kit and size, the average building process takes a day or two from start to finish. The additional steps such as staining, lighting, weatherizing, and accessorizing can take many more hours. Generally, I have several buildings going at once; while one is drying from a stain coat, the other is getting sprayed with paint and one may be receiving the weatherizing details.

What experience do you have?

I have a B.S. in Visual Arts, a B.F.A. in Fine Arts and a M.Ed. in Art Education. I have taught visual arts to students and adults for over 10 years which has helped me to develop my skills as a sculptor, painter, teacher and artist. Since I have always loved the railroad hobby, I decided to combine my skills in the art room and create realistic structures and layouts with an emphasis in visual scenery.

How do you decide what structures to sell?

Over the years I have assembled many kits and have decided on the structures that honestly give the most bang for the buck or are unique in some sort of way. For example, the Tower House is an amazing kit with various roof lines, different shingle patterns and window sizes and has a strong presence when complete. There should be something for everyone in what I have in inventory.

How do you customize trains?

I can weatherize an existing boxcar from any railroad to look slightly used as in the 50’s period to barely rolling as many railroads of today. I can completely customize a paint scheme and professionally letter a car from scratch for a railroad of your choice. I have a stack of Morning Sun Books that I use for reference on painting, lettering and weatherizing. I can also add interior lights, marker lights or add a smoke unit, if needed. You could have the only smoking RS-11 ever manufactured in scale form for your railroad.

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