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Shipping Policy

Since I build and ship many different structures weekly, sometimes they can be out of stock. If so, most only take a day or two to build before shipping. If they are in stock they usually ship within a week. On the more detailed, larger and more complex structures, this may take longer such as 2 week turnaround. I will keep you updated.

Shipping costs mainly depend on the size of the structure, the bigger the box the more costs associated. Small structures and supplies are usually light and only cost the minimum shipping costs. The larger and more expensive structures require a larger box with much more insulation so costs go up. Most structures range from a flat rate fee of $5.00 to $15.00 to ship anywhere within the US. International orders please contact me and i will provide specific pricing based on where your package needs to be sent. I try to keep costs down and sometimes I can combine shipping costs if buying multiple items if packing allows, just send me an email.

All of my brick Korber buildings will ship out flat, with the walls, roof and loading dock wrapped in bubble wrap. These parts are all pre-painted and weatherized and only take a minute or two to assemble using a special magnet system I have developed which eliminates damage from shipping entirely. I have found that all resin cast buildings will break apart if fully assembled and claiming insurance is not fun for anyone. Using this magnet system they are able to be picked up and placed where you want on the layout and sometime walls can be interchangeable as well.

Return Policy

Again thank you for your order and if not 100% satisfied I will refund your money less shipping costs. All my structures are assembled with my best efforts to keep them damage free. Some kits will have some parts to apply when they arrive such as a chimney, smoke jack, etc, depending on the structure and will only take a couple of seconds to put in place.

Thank You again for your support and if you have any special requests for a structure to be built, customized, weatherized or lighted please email me for specifics and I will be happy to help out in anyway.

Brian Inch